What We Do For You

With one call ReSecure provides access to a combined team of specialists offering full cyber incident coordination, executive advice, technical forensic investigation, legal advice, security advice, notification support, web and credit monitoring, and public relations services.


The ReSecure Cyber Response Framework® is used by all teams to coordinate optimise time and resources


Help is just a phone call away with experienced ReSecure specialists ready to assist in the resolution of any cyber incident


Our teams are local legal, technical & crisis PR specialists with excellent cultural understanding and responsiveness


Our client onboarding process involves the protection of legal privilege* and fully secure communications

* where possible dependent on specific law and jurisdiction


Offered by leading cyber insurers, ReSecure is provided as a key aspect of a fully integrated and responsive claims service

Cyber Incident Response services tailored to your needs
Our Team

ReSecure is a service provided as part of cyber insurance policy cover.

Ask your broker for an appropriate policy.


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