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About our team

An innovative blend of cyber risk and digital investigation, meets privacy and data protection.



In 2007, STORM Guidance founder and CEO Neil Hare-Brown wrote ‘Information Security Incident Management: A Methodology’ defining the best practices for cyber incident management, published by British Standards Institution (BSI). The book described a model for a Cyber Incident Response Team (I-CIRT) that integrated the technical specialisms needed for digital investigations with other key skills covering the need for legal advice, crisis PR guidance, credit monitoring and surge notification.

In 2012, Neil proposed an idea to Alex Hamer, then Partner at insurance specialist law firm Reynolds Porter Chamberlain (RPC), and they decided to turn the model into reality by forming the ReSecure cyber incident response team. The ReSecure service was proposed to several insurers keen to build their cyber insurance policy offerings with a highly skilled and experienced incident response capability to service claims. Neil remains at the helm at STORM, advising on the technical/digital investigations, and Richard Breavington is the Partner at RPC, covering the legal aspects of each incident. 
ReSecure became operational in 2014 and has since grown to cover 12 countries with local experts who understand the technical and legal/regulatory landscape much better than international providers. The ReSecure service is used by many cyber insurers wishing to provide an excellent cyber incident response to their insured clients and has managed many hundreds of cyber incidents as claims since inception.



Since the early days of the Internet, Neil Hare-Brown has been a pioneering member of the cyber risk and digital investigation community. During his prominent career, Neil formed the first digital forensics company in the UK and graduated MSc in Information Security from Royal Holloway.
In 2014, Neil saw an opportunity to help victims of cybercrime by supporting cyber insurance markets and launched STORM Guidance, a boutique-style advisory firm providing services to cyber insurers, brokers, and their customers to better manage cyber risk and respond effectively to cyber incidents.

STORM provides a comprehensive suite of specialist advisory services that help clients to understand their information risks. STORM devise plans for managing cyber incidents and assist in coordinating the response to incidents when they occur, using digital investigations and advanced recovery techniques.

STORM’s dedicated team of specialists have made it their mission to simplify cybersecurity and demystify cyber risk. With the mantra: Assess, Plan, and Respond, STORM’s objective is to explain the value of cyber insurance, optimise cyber risk management maturity and minimise the losses when they occur.


About RPC

Through longstanding relationships with specialist firms, RPC has advised clients in over 100 countries across the world. Top-quality legal advice is a given and delivered consistently to clients through building strong relationships and providing the best experience along the way. 

With RPC’s International Data Team, you get the best of both worlds: commercial data regulation specialists who work directly alongside privacy professionals. With in-depth experience in data protection compliance, RPC are here to help if you need to defend a privacy or data protection claim.

This is all against the backdrop of an increasingly regulated environment, and one which is undergoing a major transformation, not least with the new EU General Data Protection Regulation, which is affecting businesses across the globe.

RPC’s international team can help you meet these challenges wherever they occur, be it advice on future-proofing now for the changes ahead, or wider compliance strategies.

Where work is needed alongside lawyers in other jurisdictions, RPC has access to over 150 law firms in 100 jurisdictions across the globe.

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