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Cyber Incident

STORM ReSecure helps organisations to investigate and recover from cyber incidents


What we do

ReSecure at your service

ReSecure is an integrated data breach response service, available through cyber insurance, created to provide a ‘one-stop shop’ for the full range of services required to manage, investigate, and recover from a cybersecurity incident.

The ReSecure operating model provides local capability with international reach and collaboration, giving clients a flexible solution, both in terms of scale and specialism, to suit the circumstances of any particular cyber incident.

Over many years we have helped hundreds of organisations of all sizes to investigate - and recover from - a range of damaging and criminal cyber incidents. We stand ready to assist our clients to minimise the impact on their business operations and reputation when they fall victim to a cyber incident.


Why ReSecure?

In just one call, ReSecure provides access to a combined team of specialists offering full cyber incident coordination, executive advice, technical forensic investigation, ransom negotiation, legal and regulatory advice, security advice, notification support, web and credit monitoring, public relations services and trauma counselling.


The ReSecure team of specialists are on board to help you improve your readiness and enhance your existing IT and security teams so that investigations and recovery do not drain your resources.


We help you determine the cause and impact of a cyber incident by coordinating internal and external responders in effective investigation, with the addition of dedicated data and privacy regulation specialists.


Our priority is to ensure you suffer minimal impact to operations and reputation, returning to business-as-usual as quickly as possible. ReSecure clients receive legal, technical and crisis support with compassion and discretion.



STORM Guidance

STORM provides experienced incident operations coordination, digital investigations, risk analysis advice and recovery support to assist clients to return to business-as-usual and minimise loss.



RPC have a broad range of experience in advising businesses on the collection, use, and exploitation of personal data - and on the management of cyber risks, regulatory and contractual obligations, and liabilities.

Cyber incident response services tailored to your needs


The ReSecure Cyber Response Framework® is used by all teams to coordinate and optimise time and resources.


Help is just a phone call away with experienced ReSecure specialists ready to assist in the resolution of any cyber incident.


Our teams provide local legal, technical & crisis PR specialisms with excellent cultural understanding and responsiveness.


Our client onboarding process involves the protection of legal privilege* and fully secure communications.


Offered by leading cyber insurers, ReSecure is provided as a key aspect of a fully integrated and responsive claims service (where possible dependent on specific law and jurisdiction).

ReSecure and you


Synchronising imperatives and providing complete coordination with internal and external responders, to achieve optimum investigative and restorative efficiency.

Additional resourcing

Enhancing your existing team to ensure that your investigation and recovery actions are not unduly resource-constrained.

The benefit of experience

Helping you to ensure that an effective process is followed and key decisions are informed, with quality intelligence and empathetic understanding.

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